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WEBINAR: Safe Drive Monitoring

We presented this informational webinar on August 24

Drive technology and the safety of machinery go hand in hand: it is often important to monitor drive-related parameters such as speed, acceleration, and position.  Different control modes are available to operate machines during jog, setup, or other manually controlled processes when it is necessary for operators to interact with the machine. Even though normal safeguards may not in place during these processes it is still imperative that the machine be operated safely. There are a variety of standalone solutions and software-based integrated solutions to determine and limit speed, indicate standstill, and other functions to mitigate the hazards.

Watch the webinar now (YouTube)


What to expect in this 1 hour webinar
•    Methods of monitoring motion 
•    Safety Standards and guidance  
•    Safe Drive Monitoring Functions 
•    Product offering – Standalone 
•    Product offering – PSC1 
•    Applications 
•    Resources 


PRESENTER: Kartik Vashi 
Kartik is a Product Application Manager with Schmersal and is a TÜV Rheinland certified Functional Safety Engineer for Machinery. Over 16 years of machine safety experience gives him an in-depth understanding of applications, standards and products to help customers achieve their goals to make the workplace safer while keeping cost down. 


Additional resources on Safe Drive Monitoring:


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