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A service provider with a wide variety of products

We understand that we are more than just a manufacturer of control devices - we are also a provider of services.
We can help find the optimum integration of monitoring devices in your machine or plant. We can offer problem solutions based on a wide variety of products.

tec.nicum - Machine and industrial safety services


The experts at tec.nicum aim to offer customers a capable, product and manufacturer-neutral consultancy on all the latest statutory guidelines and support them in designing their machines and workplaces to be norm-compliant.
The tec.nicum team designs and implements projects and safety solutions all over the world in close cooperation with the customers.


tec.nicum academy

Training and seminars

The tec.nicum academy offers a series of safety training courses designed to educate people on machine guarding practices and principles consistent with current national and international machine safety standards. Courses are offered in our North American headquarters in Hawthorne, NY and at various locations around the country throughout the year. We can also tailor the content and duration of sessions to focus specifically on a customer‘s needs for in-house presentation.

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tec.nicum consulting

Technical Services

Our experts carry out risk assessments to identify hazards relating to machines. We can provide technical safety inspections on existing machines, systems and product lines, and produce documentation on the machines inspected. We provide information on the applicable regulations and norms on machine and industrial safety, and can provide recommendations the implementation of compliant protective equipment.


tec.nicum engineering

Design, planning and programming

We can provide expertise for every life-cycle phase of machine and plant construction, involved in the design of new machinery and process, and the retrofitting of safety functions during the modernization of older machines. We also perform stop time measurements to calculate safety distances for various guarding systems and carry out the validation of safety functions and provide necessary documentation (validation plan, fault lists, calculations, etc.).


tec.nicum integration

Implementation and assembly

Our specialists are involved with the planning of fixed or moving protective equipment or complete machine housings tailored to the individual requirements of the respective industry and the relevant company. Through our nationwide network of integrators, we oversee the installation of individual safety components, including wiring, configuration of programming, and integration of safety controllers and safety PLC.

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Contact USA & Canada

For more information on Tec.nicum engineering services, please contact:

Peter Rigakos

Business Development Manager
Functional Safety Engineer  (TÜV Rheinland, #10104/15, Machinery)

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Click here to download the catalog PDF
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