Product Showcase: Electronic Safety Devices

Safety sensors and solenoid interlocks

Schmersal electronic safety devices fulfill the highest level of safety of Category 4 / PLe to ISO 13849 and SIL3 to IEC 62061. They feature redundant monitoring microprocessors and dual PNP semiconductor outputs. The different variants of devices can also be wired in series without detriment to the safety level.

Devices include LEDs to display operational status and faults codes for quick diagnostics. Many are available with serial diagnostics (SD) which provides detailed device-specific information which can be passed to a higher level field bus systems. Some available options include ECOLAB approvals and IP69K ratings for high temperature, high pressure wash down applications and dual channel locking for PLe locking to ISO 14119. 

Schmersal electronic safety devices are based on two technologies: RFID and Pulse Echo

RFID Based

Enhanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system operates on a unique frequency, so sensors will disregard RFID signals that are not of the mating target. In addition, the passive RFID tag in the actuator target will not interfere with other RFID systems such as product trackers.

The RFID system allows for individually coded actuators, to fulfill the High level coding requirements of ISO 14119. The basic version of the sensor responds to any RST target actuator; the “I1” version only accepts the coded ID number of the specific target actuator which is taught in during the first start-up; and the “I2” version allows the teach-in process to be repeated, allowing replacement of a lost or damaged actuator. Due to this individual coding option these switches are difficult to bypass. 

ECOLAB approved and IP69K rated. Option for 18N latching.
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Sensor with AZ16 style housing with optional 60N magnetic latch
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Compact, universal mounting sensor
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Keyed interlock switch with door handle actuator
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2000 N solenoid latching interlock with door handle actuator
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Solenoid interlock. IP69K rated.
1000 N locking force, with adjustable latching of 25N or 50N
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10,000 N bi-stable locking bolt. 
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Pulse Echo Based

Pulse Echo is a Schmersal-patented non-contact microprocessor-based technology. Coded resonant frequencies oscillating from a target which are triggered from the mating sensor are evaluated to determine position of the guard. Only once the guard is closed (and locked for guard locking devices) will the dual safety outputs become enabled. 

Compact M18 diameter sensor suitable for flush mounting
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Rectangular safety sensor with 5 planes of actuation and option for External Device Monitoring (EDM)
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Stainless steel sensor, suitable for wash down or outdoor applications (IP69K).
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Electromagnetic 500N locking with options for adjustable latching up to 100N
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