Position Control: Position switches with stainless steel lever
Belt Control: Stainless steel lever with 30, 50 or 90 mm roller
Stop Control: Pull-wire emergency stop switches

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New modular switch platform for heavy industry applications

The HDS series is a flexible and modular fourth-generation switchgear platform for a wide range of applications in heavy industry.

The robust enclosure is available in plastic (Duroplast) or grey cast iron. The plastic version is resistant to aggressive media and especially suitable in port logistics applications and loading and unloading operations, as well as in the agricultural industry in the processing of fertilisers, minerals and phosphates, plus a wide range of other applications. The robust grey cast iron version is suitable for industries such as mining or bulk materials and extraction.

All basic versions can be optionally connected to the Dupline installation bus or the AS-I-Safety-at-Work for quick and easy networking, series switching and improved transfer of diagnostics data. All switchgear satisfies the requirements of a safety switch, plus the HDS platform has a range of international approvals, including CE (Europa), UL (USA), CCC (China), Ex, IECEx (explosion protection, international) and INMETRO (Brazil, South America).

The function range is divided into two basic areas: position/belt alignment or emergency cable pull.


Position & Belt Alignment  (BS655, BS656)
The basic switch version is modular in structure and is supplied without actuating elements. Actuating levers are available for position detection and belt alignment applications.

Available with 2NO & 2NC or 3NO & 3NC contact configurations with slow action or snap action. All NC contacts are positive break in accordance with IEC 60947-5-1, Appendix K.

The user can adjust the pre-set switching points of the contacts between 10° and 35°.  The shaft is serrated to provide positive linkage between the actuator lever and the switch.


Emergency Cable Pull (RS655, RS656)
The two-sided pull-wire emergency stop switches are designed for lengths of wire up to 100 m on each side. Pull-wire emergency stop switches with wire pull and wire breakage detection ensure a reliable emergency-stop function on material handling plants. If actuated, two-sided pull-wire emergency stop switches latch in the emergency-stop position and can only be unlocked when the reset button is pulled out. All devices satisfy the requirements of international standards IEC 60947-5-5, ISO 13850 and EN 620.

As a status display, the pull-wire emergency stop switch is equipped with a mechanical status indicator that is visible when triggered. The switch can be reset with the blue RESET button integrated into the lever.

We offer a full compliment of cable and installation accessories.






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