Multifunctional safety light curtain offers muting, cyclic operation and multi-scan.

The SLC/SLG 445 is our latest series of Type 4 safety light curtains and light-grids. Similar to the multifunctional SLC440 Series, the SLC445 offers the additional functions of muting, cyclic operation, and multi-scan.

The SLC445 offers all the integrated functions of the SLC440 Series safety light curtains, which include fixed blanking, floating blanking, fixed blanking with movable edge, double reset, contactor control (EDM), automatic mode, re-start mode, and beam coding.

In addition the SLC445 offers muting, cyclic operation and multi-scan functions:


Using additional sensors, the muting function temporarily turns off part or all of the protected field to allow the regular passage of material into or out of the hazardous area, while still preventing operators from entering. Preconfigured settings allow solutions for different sizes of objects, partial muting, variable transport speeds, material loading with gaps and unforeseeable belt stoppages. The accessories for the muting application are available individually or as a ready to connect set, including a connection unit, retro-reflective muting sensors and specifically designed mounting brackets.

Cyclic Operation

This function transforms the safety light curtain into a machine control device. It permits an operator to break the field between machine functions and initiates the next machine cycle once the field is cleared. If the protection field is interrupted during the machine cycle, the hazardous motion is stopped and the machine is put into an interlock state until the safety system has been reset.

Multi-Scan Function

The Multi-scan function provides multiple evaluations of the protection field. This increases machine productivity and availability by limiting the false stops associated with temporary disturbances. Small material debris, steam clouds or insects can pass through the field without triggering machine stoppage. However the safety light curtain will still prevent operators from passing in to the hazardous area.

The SLC445 has installation and operating benefits:

  • Selection and configuration of the various functions is set-up via a single push-button and the integrated 7 segment display, without additional auxiliary equipment or PC.
  • An integrated alignment aid function allows the 7 segment display to show alignment and signal strength while the units are installed an adjusted.
  • The overall operating status is displayed by an LED illuminated end cap on the receiver unit, and the 7-segment display shows error codes and flashing signals to report specific faults and problems.
  • The SLC445 series features an IP67 rated, one-piece extruded reinforced housing, in a compact 28 mm x 33 mm rectangular profile.

SLC445 Safety light curtains are used for the protection of hazardous areas, and are available with resolutions of 14 mm (finger detection) or 30 mm (hand detection) and protection field heights between 170 and 1770 mm. They are also available for perimeter guarding as safety light grids (SLG445) with 2, 3, or 4 beams, in standard or high range. Both are suited for use in safety circuits up to PLe (EN 13849) or SIL3 (IEC 62061).

The functional diversity allows these optoelectronic safety devices to be flexibly adapted to individual application requirements, with the aim to have the highest productivity and safety possible.