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High protection against tampering and highly integrated:

New generation of safety hinge switches

The Schmersal Group is showing a new generation of safety hinged switches for the first time at the SPS/ IPC/ DRIVES. The special construction of this safety switching device is mounted on the hinge side of the rotating protection door. This replaces a conventional hinge and at the same time takes over monitoring the position of the protection door.

Schmersal presented the world's first safety hinge switch in 1996. The principle soon caught on because it offered decisive benefits. For example, if it is sufficient not to have a safety switching device on the open side of the protection door then no energy or signal lines need to be routed there and is therefore convincing to the operator with a clear machine design.

Additionally, the assurance against tampering is increased because the protection door query for the operator is not accessiblewhen installed on the inside of the switch. The machine builders benefit the most because their machines and enclosures are constructed with the commercially available aluminium profile systems.

With the TESK, the fourth generation of safety hinge switches are introduced to the market. With this new series the switching angle (which means the hinge angle at which the safety-related signal is initiated)– is freely adjustable over the whole of the working range. The operator can select different contact configurations and select up to four contact variants, and for the use on transparent protection doors as with PC and PMMA there is a version with an extended hinge available.

The complete appearance of the TESK is convincing: The new safety hinge switch is the perfect solution for the position monitoring of protection doors on design-oriented machines. Even double swing doors can be monitored with this new hinge switch.